on Sep 27, 2017

My friend and colleague Nick told me about a therapist who'd told him that the first 5-10 sessions, people usually need to just vent and get all their anger out. Only then can we get to the real issue…

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Clear intentions

on Sep 23, 2017

Having clear intentions is the ENTIRE game.

We can spend endless amounts of time and energy flapping about when our intentions aren't clear.

We can spend so much effort trying to work towards a goal…

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The struggle

on Sep 01, 2017

A draft from July 2011. Publishing now.


There’s a struggle between our inner Self and our outer learned, adapted sense of self.

Deconstructing our personality structure is a necessary part of t…

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Our job

on Sep 01, 2017

This has been sitting as a draft since November 2010. Figured I'd post it now ...

Steven Pressfield:

Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but…
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