Find Your Own Path

Tony Robbins is famous for saying "success leaves clues".

Modeling others is incredibly powerful.

But there comes a point where you have to realize that no one has the answers to the big questions in life.

Our parents don't.

Our politicians don't.

Our media don't.

Our teachers don't.

All they have are partial answers.

Answers that worked for them.

(Or so they think.)

No-one's been exactly where we are right now before.

No-one else has ever lived your life.

We have to find our own ans…

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No Drama

Lots of people love playing the victim.

"I can't."

"It's too hard."

"It's not my fault."

"If only..."

What's worse, though, are people playing the hero.

"I know, it's hard."

"Poor you."

"Here, let me do it for you."

The hero gets to feel good about themselves because they're helping the poor victim.

They get to forget their own pain for a minute, while they caretake someone else.

But there's a cost to this.

The victim stays a victim.

Instead of saying something empowering

like "I k…

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Trust Your Gut

Have you ever had that experience where you woke up and realized that you needed to make a change?

Something was off. Something wasn't working. Something wasn't right.

It had to change.

Maybe it's a new product launch, or a campaign, or a JV partnership, or something in your personal life, like an eating habit or a drinking habit or a Netflix binge watching habit, or whatever.

Think back on a couple situations like that in your life.

How many times did you actually know that in your gut way…

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Systems Are the Key to Success in Business and Life

The key to success in business (and most areas of life, too, now that we're at it) is systems.

Predictable systems that deliver predictable results.

Systems for acquiring customers.

Systems for serving customers.

Systems for building products.

Systems for exercising your body.

Systems for eating healthy.

Systems for resolving conflicts.

Systems for creating systems.

The more and better systems you have in place, the more you can focus on higher value work rather than fighting fires and …

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Do You Know Who You Are?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a voice in your head for a while now:

• “What am I doing with my life?”
• “Am I going in the right direction?”
• “Is it supposed to feel this dull? Isn’t there more to life?”
• “What am I supposed to do with my life?”
• “What’s the purpose of my life?”
• “Do I have a life purpose? Is there such a thing as a life purpose?”
• “What’s my passion? Can I make money from it?”
• “What am I here to do? There must be something more than this!”
• “Who am I really?”

If yo…

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Finding Your Life's Purpose

Finding your life purpose seems like a buzz phrase these days - but knowing what it is will change your life. 

Finding my life's purpose changed mine, so I want to tell you the story in hopes that it will inspire you to find yours.

The Backstory 

I was born and raised in what’s allegedly the happiest country in the world. Experts say that Denmark has been inhabited since at least 12,500 BC. We’ve got the oldest state flag still in use, twice as many bicycles as cars, and we’re famous as a nat…

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A Deep Dive Into Human Design Theory

I first came across Human Design in 2014, but I didn't take the time to dive too deep into it until now. 

It was super insightful and accurate, so I'm going to implement it at work and home. 

More on Human Design in the video below. 

Video Highlights: 

  • A quick intro on the Human Design body graph 
  • Making decisions with your authority, not your mind 
  • Living according to your design, not your conditioning 


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More on My Human Design and How It Applies 


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7 Tips for Better Sleep

A lot of people want to know how they can sleep better. Sleeping better has radically transformed my life. 

I’ve experimented with a bunch of different methods, and so I shot a quick video with 7 tips for better sleep.

Then I thought of 3 more tips, so I'll share those here too. 

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7 Tips for Better Sleep

1. Exhaust Yourself

I need to use all my energy before I get a good night’s sleep, which means exercising enough, working …

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"What's going on with your politics, Calvin? I thought you were all about love and spirituality?!"

I get it.

It can be quite jarring to see someone like me express myself in such strong terms politically as I do, especially on Twitter.

I get it.

I've been called everything from reactionary, to a conspiracy theorist, to racist, bigot, classist, dangerous, and worse.

I guess it comes with the territory.

It wasn't always like this

I used to be a fan of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the New York Times, and the Democrat party.

I watched every episode of The Daily Show from 2003 till the end o…

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The only thing that matters

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your relationships: the relationship with yourself, with your family and loved ones, with friends, with customers, with prospects, with strangers. Relationships. And it all starts with your relationship with yourself. 

The only way you can have a good relationship with anyone is by being authentic, by being real, by being your true self. Authenticity has gotten get bad rap recently. It’s had some pushback, and I want to push back on that pus…

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