About Calvin

I'm a future Special Advisor to the President of the United States on Conscious Nation Building.

I came from a life of being bullied, a string of broken relationships, excessive drinking, poor eating habits.

In short, I was feeling like a failure as a husband, father, son, entrepreneur, and overall human being.

Despite all of this, I managed to create a life where EVERY aspect is working.

I built a multi-million dollar software company called Simplero, with a team and a customer base that will go through fire for me and my mission.

My body is stronger and healthier than ever, and I've created deeply nourishing relationships (and I'm telling you, that's a fucking accomplishment).

I've found the ability to be both fierce and receptive, directed and intuitive, structured and adventurous, all while living my purpose and design.

My mission is to help you know who you truly are, and live your purpose.

Calvin Correli


"Spirituality done right is just reality"
–Calvin Correli

  • Calvin Correli

    “Calvin is an extraordinary speaker and thought leader. He fearlessly addresses topics most people are terrified of but does so in a way that makes those topics accessible.

    His approach to life and way of thinking about things is completely unique and unlike anyone I have ever experienced. He has a superhuman ability to melt problems and dismantle complex issues down to their most basic building blocks.

    I have benefited greatly from his wisdom and would highly recommend him to anyone who is receptive to growing personally and professionally.”

    CEO & Founder, Solutions 8

  • Calvin Correli

    “Calvin is in a fairly unique position of being a holistic, conscious-minded CEO in tech, and one of the ways he expresses it, is the way he blends marketing knowledge and tech with emotional and consciousness work.

    Calvin is someone who not only is enabling conscious entrepreneurs, he got there by working on himself, and growing a company successfully.

    People usually sacrifice something—meaning, money or personal growth. Calvin is an example that says you don't have to sacrifice these aspects, because Calvin brings all of himself to the table, and that is the reason for his success.

    In this way, Calvin empowers others, too. Not in a fluffy, vague way but in a very specific way. Do the work on yourself and get your systems set up. That's the key.”

    Author, speaker, and founder of Paradigm Revolution

  • Calvin Correli

    “Calvin stands out as, a spiritual entrepreneur who dare to speak his truth in a clear simple, vulnerable and inspiring way.

    It is time for new values in business and new ways to measure success. Where good economy is a byproduct of running a business. And where the intention is to raise the consciousness, spread and expand love, and truly serve humanity and the planet.

    We need business leaders and entrepreneurs who stand up for these values.

    Calvin definitely is one of them, paving a new path for others to follow.”

  • Calvin Correli

    “In a mere 45 minutes he helped me get perspective on things that I have been struggling with in my business for years. I was seriously blown away! Calvin has a great way of picking up on internal blocks, identifying them, and challenging you on them in a way that is kind and gentle, and packs a punch.”


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