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I remember what it was like before I found my purpose.

I would chase whatever seemed like it was going to give me that all-elusive success. Whatever seemed cool or clever or profitable.

But most of them ended up failing, and then I was back at square one. I found my purpose in late February 2008 on a cold winter evening, living room filled with moving boxes because we'd just moved into this house, wife, and kids left for someplace warm. I just decided. Today's the day that I'm going to find out what I truly want to do with my life.

Browsed some books, came up with some questions. Questions like what did I dream of as a kid, what kinds of activities give me energy, what kinds of people light me up, favorite moments as a kid, in school, in college.

Sat down to answer them, and that's when it just landed, like a big revelation: I'm here to integrate spirituality and entrepreneurship.

I saw a complete vision of how this could come to life. This vision has been my north star ever since.

Not everything I've touched since has been successful. But all of it has helped build towards that vision.

That's the power of having a clear sense of purpose, a clear direction of where you're going.

It's like going from chopping once at each of a hundred trees, to chopping a hundred times at one tree. One works a lot better than the other.

Whats's your purpose?

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