You should NEVER feel guilty about these things

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A lot of people go around feeling guilt over all kinds of things all the time.

Have you noticed that too?

Guilt is rarely a useful feeling. It doesn't make things better for you or for anyone else.

Sure, if you really fucked up, it's okay to feel a sense of guilt for a moment. Then you'll want to take action to remedy it, and then let it go.

If you didn't do anything wrong, the guilt serves no purpose at all.

The sooner you can eliminate any residual guilt from your life, the better.

The more people do this, the better for everyone.

To get you started, here are three things you should never feel guilty about:

Saying out loud what you believe. 

It's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Speak your mind. Stand proud.

Being happy and successful. 

If someone is offended by your success, it's their problem. Don't dim your light just because they're not happy or successful. Be a lighthouse. Inspire them. Lead the way. 

Loving yourself as you are. 

Don't wait till you meet self-hate's standards for how you need to be. You never will. Don't wait to love yourself until you're successful or smart or skinny enough, or until you've found a partner, or whatever rules you have set for yourself. You're worthy of love right here, right now. Accept it.

Do you agree?

What are the things you go around feeling guilty about?


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