My audio setup

I documented my video setup the other day. Time to do the same for my audio setup.

For microphone, I use a Shure SM7B on a cheap fixed On Stage desk mount stand.

I find that shock mount and pop filter is not necessary with this setup. The microphone comes insulated enough.

I run this to an Apollo Twin audio interface.

The Apollo lets you run software emulations of great hardware processors natively on the device, with super low latency. Here's my audio chain:

Let's break it down.

I run the Neve 1073 preamp. This is the configuration.

That then is fed into the Tube-Tech CL 1B compressor with these settings:

I experimented with different compressors, and the Tube-Tech seems to go well with my voice and with the microphone.

Next comes the Millenia NSEQ-2. Not sure what this thing is exactly. Part EQ, part tube. All I know is, it sounds frickin' amazing.

Next a bit more EQ to take out a bit of boominess, and add some air:

And finally, to round it off and smooth out the edges, some tape. Because who doesn't like a bit of tape saturation?

So that's my audio chain.

Good luck making yours.


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