My video setup

I get a lot of questions about my camera setup, because my video quality is so obviously the bomb.

Last was after I got off interviewing Jerry Colonna for my podcast. I ended up writing up the whole thing in an email to him, and figured I'd repost here.

The key is really the lens, though.

I use the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens, which is phenomenal. There are versions for Nikon and other cameras as well. A good friend and photographer/videographer recommended that one to me, and it hasn't let me down.

Then you need a tabletop tripod. I have the ZoMei, but it's currently unavailable on Amazon.

Then, finally, I have this fancy tripod video head  which makes it a bit easier to get the camera angled the way I want it. Not sure that's really necessary.

You connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable.

Then I use the Ecamm Live software to bring the video into the Mac. I use that software for live streaming and other uses, but it also has a “virtual cam” feature, which lets me use the Canon camera as a camera in Zoom and other applications.

Another piece is the connected battery pack so you don’t have to keep changing batteries on the camera. This is the one I use for Canon.

I don't use a teleprompter, it feels unnatural, but I have one, in case I need it (haven't needed it yet). The one I found that works the best for me is the Padcaster Parrot. It's small, attaches directly to the lens, and work with my phone.

All in all, it's a setup for nerds. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure this out, but now that I have it, it works like gangbusters. I just turn on the lights, camera, open Ecamm Live, and I'm ready to record.

Maybe I'll tell you about my audio setup another day. ...

UPDATE: I did. It's here.


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