Find Your Own Path

Tony Robbins is famous for saying "success leaves clues".

Modeling others is incredibly powerful.

But there comes a point where you have to realize that no one has the answers to the big questions in life.

Our parents don't.

Our politicians don't.

Our media don't.

Our teachers don't.

All they have are partial answers.

Answers that worked for them.

(Or so they think.)

No-one's been exactly where we are right now before.

No-one else has ever lived your life.

We have to find our own answers.

We have to clear our own trail.

We are trailblazers.

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Catherine Stillwell

I can relate to this 100% and yes, we are all trailblazers. I believe God has a plan for everyone, however, it may take a long time before some know what that plan is.  I'm one of those people and I'm ok with it.  As a risk taker, I've had successes and failures.  The successes, I make bigger and the failures, I learn from them to make them into a success.  Patience is key and unfortunately, many don't have that.

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