Remember this... every day!


I know it's cliché, but please please ... remember to focus on what you have to be grateful for, not what's missing or what could be better.⁠

I fail miserably at this myself sometimes.⁠

The pain of being a visionary is, it's easy to see what could be.⁠

But reality is never that way.⁠

I learned from the best of them (my dad) to always see what's wrong with everything. Enter every room, and we'll both instantly see what's broken or out of place.⁠

If you're into Human Design and Gene Keys at all ... I have the 18th gene key of judgment - integrity - perfection as my Evolution sphere. This sphere represents the biggest challenge in your life.⁠

So yeah, I know this very well.⁠

I started reading Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy's new book "The Gain and the Gap" yesterday, and that's exactly it!⁠

When unchecked, I tend to compare my current reality to where I want to be, and I end up feeling miserable. This is the gap.⁠

When I focus on how far I've come, I feel great. This is the gain.⁠

There's been areas in my life, though, where I've lived in a state of delusion. I told myself that I was more successful than I really was. Or that I was just on the cusp of some great success.⁠

This really threw me into a deep depression after I turned 33, because I kept telling myself that I was soooo close to being a multimillionaire or even a billionaire by 30 ... but eventually I couldn't keep up the delusion.⁠

Those moments sting, but they're healthy. They're important.⁠

Just don't do what I typically do, and go all-in on comparing myself to where I want to be.⁠

It's great with a wake-up call.⁠

But don't start making yourself miserable.⁠

See things clearly. Acknowledge reality.⁠

Give yourself a massive dose of love.⁠

Set some goals, sure.⁠

But keep focusing on how far you've come, not how far you still have to go.⁠

Who says how far you "have" to go?⁠

Focus on being happy and fulfilled today. Genuinely and from the inside.⁠

Because you love yourself, and because you're awesome, and because of how far you've come.⁠

Then just keep doing your best each day.⁠



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