Coffee with Calvin #34 - The Balance of Relationship Roles

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Coffee with Calvin #32 - The Uniqueness of Humans

    • The frustration of missing common sense and understanding in AI.

    • AI does not replace human touch and behavior.

    • The drama and variety of experiences are what makes life wonderful, interesting and worth living.

    • Building a bridge from the inner to the outer.

    • What is your unique design and what you are here to do?

    • Expanding your consciousness.

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Coffee with Calvin #30 - GDPR Compliance & Immigration

  • Creating Job opportunities for US employees.
  • The US Visa Process.
  • GDPR and what it entails.
  • Fines for breaking GDPR.
  • What gives the EU authority to dictate interaction with EU citizens? 
  • Where does the EU's scope and reach end?
  • Facebook data and Transparency.
  • DACA
  • Civiqs - Immigration Polling. 
  • Trump spells Marine Corps wrong in Twitter post
  • and other news highlights

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Coffee with Calvin #29 w/Deb Mangelus  - Children and Parenting in Today's Society

    • The effects of Society and Events.
    • Parental Boundaries with children.
    • Responsibilities as a parent for their children.
    • The need for a village in raising a child.
    • What kind of training could we bring back into education.
    • Illegal Immigrants and Immigration.
    • Where do we go from here to create good, new boundaries as a country?

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Coffee with Calvin #28 - Climate Change, Human Technology & War

    • Climate change.
    • Human technology changing over the years.
    • Fossil Fuels.
    • Whistle Blowers on government institutions.
    • Personal Responsibility for fuels & Global Warming.
    • Innovation and human ingenuity.
    • How wars play a pivotal roll in Taxes.
    • Taxes & Inflation.
    • The government should not be subsidizing inefficient renewable energies.
    • We are humans, we can solve this!

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