Western Medicine ... I'm not a fan


As you may know, I don't buy into Western medicine.

It doesn't have a functioning understanding of humans: how we function, what makes us healthy, and what makes us sick.

The fact alone that nobody is seriously investigating the placebo effect and figuring out how to leverage it to heal, despite every single random controlled clinical trial proving that the placebo effect is real and works (that's the entire reason that we have control arms that get given a placebo drug) has been a red flag for me for as long as I can remember.

It's so glaringly obvious, that I don't understand how not everybody is outraged over this.

That's why I don't have health insurance. I don't see any need to pay into a system that has little understanding of health nor disease.

Health is a factor of diet, human connection, mental and emotional environment, and exercise. I’m sure there are other factors, too, but those seem like the big ones.

For two and a half years I had diarrhea pretty much non-stop. Went to a doctor. He had me do a stool sample and told me to eat less salad. The stool sample showed nothing useful. I went to a doctor specializing in parasites. He said I had a parasite, giardia. Ordered me $2000 worth of drugs, an antiparasite drug and two weeks of antibiotics. No change in my condition.

Andrrew (Pafei founder) kept saying it was emotional. There was a level of running away from self that was causing it. Some deep fear was running my system.

I worked on it with him. Journaled on it. Meditated.

In the end, what fixed it was Brain Camp in July. First day of Brain Camp, and it was gone.

What exactly it was I’m not 100%. I think it was the culmination of all the work I’d done.

And then the combination of the microbiome supplement, Jin Shin, a deep healing session with Alison Green-Barton, and the healing environment in general knocked me over the edge.

Calmed my nervous system down enough for my digestion to finally settle.

Literally for the first time in my 47 years of existence!

It’s magic how much you can do when you doggedly pursue that inner work.

The whole experience once again proved to me that doctors are generally useless. They don't understand the body.

They know how to look at lab tests, which only show data points isolated from the whole.

They know how to look at a cluster of symptoms, and then they call it a disease, and look up in a big book for drugs to prescribe.

I’m exaggerating a little bit here … but not much. I believe most of them are good people that really care, but their understanding of the human body is just so darn limited.

A big lightbulb moment happened when I had kids. They’d get sick. We’d go to the doctor. And the outcome was always one of two things: (a) prescribe antibiotics, (b) do not prescribe antibiotics, and instead tell us to just wait it out.

Needless to say, I never gave my kids antibiotics. I think it does way more harm than good. Antibiotic literally means “against life”. So there’s that.

But if that’s all a doctor’s going to do, then they’re not much use for me.

Back to the diarrhea.

Digestion and elimination is one of those things that we don't talk enough about.

It's a critical vital sign. Forget pain as the 5th vital sign.

Poop! Poop should probably be the first vital sign!

If your poop is not healthy, that's a sign something's not right in your body.

Wait long enough, and it’ll manifest in other ways.

In any kind of “unhealth” situation, there’s likely to be multiple factors.

Diet is likely to be a component.

Toxins could be a component—toxins you eat, or toxins you absorb through your skin or through the air.

And your mental and emotional environment is absolutely a component, as we’ve seen with the placebo effect.

Your habitual thoughts become beliefs. Your beliefs become emotions. Habitual emotions become patterns in your physiology and manifest as tension in your muscles. Over time that turns into disease.

By the time it shows up as a disease symptom, you have been doing this for years.

So of course it’s going to take a minute—and some serious archaeological work—to undo that damage.

Yeah, it’s work.

But it’s the path to freedom.

Not just freedom from disease, but also freedom to be yourself.

To be who you came here to be.

To live a life aligned with your spirit.

The medical industrial cartel, meanwhile, invents diseases so they can sell you drugs that do nothing to address the disease. “Restless leg syndrome” anyone?

They are ruthless and cynical in their pursuit of profits.

They bribe universities, hospitals, pharmacy benefit managers, medical journals, government officials.

They corrupt our media, our tech companies, and our social media companies.

They lie and cheat and distort their research.

They routinely hide side effects and obfuscate any reasonable cost/benefit analysis.

They control the very institutions that are supposed to provide oversight.

They use their leverage over government to secure immunity for themselves.

They will gladly sell their drugs despite having full knowledge of the harm they’re causing to the people taking them.

This is not even in dispute. This is how the system works, plain and simple.

And we’re all paying for it.

Even if we don’t pay into the scam that is health insurance, we’re still paying for this racket with our taxes, which are funding NIH, NIAID, Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, subsidizing student loans, and much more.

And thanks to ineffective regulation and regulatory capture, you can’t even go to a hospital or doctor directly and just pay fair market rate to get your broken arm fixed.

I’ve been diving deep into the dysfunction in our system these last few weeks.

Health is such a critical aspect of life. If we don’t have our health, nothing else matters.

And Americans especially are paying a huge amount of money for all of this. 18% of GDP in 2020.

And with 2020 GDP of 20.94 trillion dollars, that amounts to $3.769 trillion.

And for what?

Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death, after hearth disease and cancer.

Obesity, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, speech and sleep disorders, autism, chronic disease, and autoimmune diseases are all on the rise.

The more we spend, the sicker we get.

Whatever we’re doing, it’s clearly not working.

It’s time to stop and reassess.

And arrest some of the criminals who have been perpetuating this fraud on the American people and the people of nations all over the world.

Here’s some of the things I’ve been consuming lately. I know, it’s a long list.

There’s also about a dozen newsletters I’m subscribed to. I’ll share them some other time.


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