LDAP Introduction

on May 08, 2000

The Big Picure

LDAP is basically a specialized database. Some of the characteristics are:

  • It consists of entries organized in a hierarchy.
  • It favors reading over writing.
  • Every entry has a primary ke…
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Knowledge Sharing

on Feb 15, 2000

These are some thoughts that <a href=”http://www.branimir.com”>Branimir Dolicki and <a href=”/lars”>I, generated while developing Knowledge Management for Siemens. I hope to one day put reality behind…

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How to become a hacker

on Feb 13, 2000

There are two seperate and equally important parts to being a great programmer. You need absolute technical mastering of the technologies you use. But that’s the easy and boring part. The hard part is…

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on Feb 12, 2000

Random pieces I enjoyed reading.

Software design

These are on the top of my list. Cooper’s book is great for learning about the process of developing software in general. Philip’s book is about web si…

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Curing The Director Pain

on Oct 11, 1999

The Outdated Metaphor

The notion of a score, with a single timeline and a single depth axis, the stage and the cast, all worked well in the beginning. Because the (multi) medium of computers was new, p…
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