Why Doing Good is Bad

on Aug 12, 2001

Misconceptions have many forms. Maybe you believe that if you just eat lowfat or fatfree food, you won’t put on weight. Or maybe you can never trust people who offer to help you. Or maybe you believe …

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Stuck on Stock Photography

on Aug 07, 2001

Say you wanted to open up a stock photography business. You have thousands of photos that your customers can search and browse, until they find and buy the one that’s just right for them.

Meat at the Fairway Market, New York City

What medi…

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Microsoft's Widgets

on Jul 31, 2001

I’ve spent too much time developing web applications recently, and getting fed up with the constraints of designing user interfaces on the web. Try imagining having to write Microsoft Excel for the we…

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WUI Woes

on Jul 02, 2001

Which would you prefer to write a letter to your grandma: A word processor, such as Microsoft Word, or a text entry widget in a browser? Or which would you prefer to read your email: Microsoft Outlook…

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Turnstile Trouble

on Jul 02, 2001

Turnstiles, New York City Subway

You can always tell an out-of-towner in New York’s subway. He’s the person that has to swipe his card five or six times through the turnstile, jamming the whole weight of his body against the immova…

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Microsoft .NET

on Jul 01, 2001

Has control of the desktop, including the browser. Extending this to other devices, such as palms (pocket pc), cell phones, and gaming boxes (xbox).

Expanding on the server side, with features that m…

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Registration Rules

on Jun 28, 2001

Accept Contributions Up Front

A lot of users turn away when they see a login or registration screen. On my site, the number of is around 94%. Part of the reason is probably that people are just tired …

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Contracts Everywhere

on Jun 21, 2001

I recently handed over my car to a valet parking at Venice beach in Los Angeles. Just before I let go of the key, I noticed a sign saying

This contract limits our liability. Read it.

The intenti…

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User Interface Fashion

on Apr 16, 2001

Looks Are Deceptive

When I bought my last car, I thought it looked slick, fresh, cool. But then, a couple months later, a friend of mine bought a new car that looked even slicker, fresher, cooler. I c…

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