How to translate a coaching program into an online course

A customer asked me about this, and I figured I'd share my answer here.

The question was:
With personal coaching you talk to each client and develop unique progress plans for each client. With an online course I feel I need to create a generic plan and pre-plan everything (write the whole course first) and I struggle with creating manageable to chunks of lectures... How much info in each lecture? How many learning points? How many modules?
Here's my answer:

How about, instead of trying to make a o…

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Nik: Another great software company destroyed by Google

I bought NIk's photo suite back in 2012, and I loved it. Amazing photo effects. Made some really cool photos using it. Okay, sometimes I overdid it, but that's only natural when you're just starting out.

Then Google bought them, to get a leg up in the photo manipulation department, and made the product free (I'd paid $340 for it).

And then they stopped updating and supporting the software. Abandoned.

This adds to the list of products that I loved and that Google have killed (and the owners ... l…

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Let's reinvent banking... are you with me?

I went on a tweet storm earlier today while visiting a bank branch to open a savings account. I figured I'd take some time to flesh out my thoughts here.

The banking industry is obviously broken. Sure, it's not the only one, but I happened to visit a bank today, so it's top of mind.

We went to add a savings account alongside our business checking account, plus a savings account for personal, at Chase, as we've just switched from Wells Fargo to Chase. It took all of an hour to get that done. It's…

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