Inspired Entrepreneur book

I'm working on a book that's going to lay out my approach to entrepreneurship and life. I've got a pretty solid structure, a solid outline, and a couple of solid chapters down. I figured I'd start sharing works in progress here, and get some movement going that way, instead of laboring away in secret for months and months.

It consists of two half. The first I've called "Pillars". It's like axioms in math. They're the philosophical or conceptual underpinnings behind everything. It's what my approach is built on.

The second half is called "Technique". It's more practical, hands-on type stuff that looks at specific areas that tend to cause struggle for entrepreneurs and other humans.

Here's the outline:


1. Reality
2. Genius
3. Vision
4. People
5. Authority
6. Creativity


7. Time
8. Money
9. Action
10. Pitfalls
11. Union

Things might shift around a bit, but so far, this structure has help up pretty well.

I'm going to start publishing some content for each of these areas, and I'm going to put them all into one category on the blog, so you can follow along.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, what made sense, what didn't. What inspired you, what didn't. Thank you for participating!


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