The federal government comes cheap

Google spent just $6 million lobbying the federal government in the latest quarter, which comes out to just about one tenth of a percent of their PROFITS, or just about a quarter of a tenth of a percent of their revenues for the quarter.

Would you say it's fair to assume they're getting their money's worth from that investment?

I'm guessing yes.

As long as the government is fundamentally (and legally) corrupt, nothing else will matter.

This was one of the things Trump kept hammering on during the campaign, and it worked, because everyone knows it's true. Of course, he has zero intention on making good on his promise, quite the contrary.

The one candidate that was serious about doing something about this, Larry Lessig, was shut down by the democratic party. That's right, the democratic party. The democratic party is as corrupt and undemocratic as the other party, the big ancient one.


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