How to translate a coaching program into an online course

A customer asked me about this, and I figured I'd share my answer here.

The question was:
With personal coaching you talk to each client and develop unique progress plans for each client. With an online course I feel I need to create a generic plan and pre-plan everything (write the whole course first) and I struggle with creating manageable to chunks of lectures... How much info in each lecture? How many learning points? How many modules?
Here's my answer:

How about, instead of trying to make a one-size-fits-all plan, you teach them how to make their own plan and how to be their own coach, or how to get a friend to be their coach?

How many lectures, learning points, modules? I feel like about six modules is usually good. You can cover a lot of ground in six modules, but the longer you make it, the more people are going to feel overwhelmed and drop out.

How many learning points? As few as needed to get the outcome. You can always add extra material as bonuses.

Also, don't try to make the whole thing in advance. Sell the course based on outcome, with a guarantee, telling people it's a pilot program, which means they get it cheaper, they get more interaction, and they get to shape it to suit them!

Then before each module, tell them about the topic, and ask for their questions, what they want to learn.

Then you make the module based on that, and ask for feedback, additional questions that have opened up. Then you answer them.

And then you rinse and repeat for the next module.

That way everybody wins. It's simple and easy. Trying to guess is futile. Just ask them.


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