The Calvin Show Episode 001: Let's Do This!

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On The Calvin ShowI share everything I've learned about business, spirituality, life, health, relationships, cocktails, food, and music through a life of experimenting fearlessly, creating a multi-million dollar business, devouring acreative life, and completely redesigning my life from the inside out.

In this episode, I reveal the most important two questions you can ask yourself, as well as answer a couple of great questions from you guys.

You'll learn:

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Creator's Criticism, or the new MacBook Pros

I haven’t been blogging in a while, but the controversy over the latest MacBook Pro announcement just has me fired up. As a creator of things, I’m frankly appalled at the outrage over the new Macs. When I look at them, I understand and agree with every single one of the decisions I’ve seen Apple make here. I really don’t get why they’re taking so much heat over this.

Personally, I kept hitting refresh on the Apple Store app on my iPad after the keynote, until it was ready to take my order for...

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Some Good and Bad Reasons to Meditate

Some bad reasons to meditate:
  • To punish yourself
  • To improve yourself
  • To avoid feeling something
  • To avoid facing some truth
  • Because someone told you to
  • To be a good meditator
  • To kill time
  • To suffer
Some good reasons to meditate:
  • To love yourself
  • To spend quality time with your inner child
  • To enjoy the juiciness of the present moment
  • To enjoy your own company
  • To feel yourself

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Once You Know Why

Have you ever been struggling with a problem, beating yourself up over it? "Why can't I get in shape? What's wrong with me? Why can't I stop eating sweets? Why can't I stop overspending? Why do I always end up in an argument with my partner?" And you just keep making yourself wrong, and you keep doing it, and you keep being miserable.

I know I have.

And then something changes. An insight arrives. A deep shift within. And suddenly you understand why you did that. At a deep level.

And all that's...

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Upgrading to Rails 5: Solving NoEnvironmentInSchemaError

I’ve been upgrading Simplero to Rails 5 over the past few days. Since I have a running application with customers all over the world, I’m going to do that on a branch and test it thoroughly until I’m prettty certain everything works.

So while that’s going on, I find myself switching between my Rails 4.2 branch and the Rails 5 branche.

And this would cause my automated builds on Jenkins to start failing with this error:

rails aborted! ActiveRecord::NoEnvironmentInSchemaError: 


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The Calvin Show Episode #8: When Are You Out of Integrity?

Being in integrity is one of those life habits that impacts everything.

In its essence, it's pretty simple: You honor your word, you honor your commitments, you honor your boundaries, you plug the leaks and close the holes. You become whole.

If you make a promise, you keep it. If you owe money, you pay them back.

Once you get in the habit of living this way, you'll feel the energy and strength and character build up inside of you.

It can feel painful or scary or uncomfortable in the moment, but...

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The Calvin Show Episode #7: Simplicity

The Calvin Show has returned.

We filmed at night this time, so I have some fun night lighting to haunt things up a bit.

Our topic isn't haunting though, it's simple. It's simplicity, actually.

In this video I talk with Ari about the necessity for simplicity in my life, and how I find complexity totally draining.

I think there's some good stuff in here, but I want to know what you think! Email me and let me know.


Here are some fun moments from the...

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The Calvin Show Episode #6: How I Started Simplero (and some other stuff)

Episode 6 has arrived!

In this episode, I talk with Ari about my path to starting Simplero.

Like much of what I talk about, the philosophies I espouse and the principles that have truly brought me success are not just what I've found in books or heard from other people. Not to say that external input isn't useful, but success didn't come to me until I figured out whatI actually wanted.

Simplero came into existence because I stopped listening to the noise of the world and started listening to...

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The Calvin Show Episode #5: Allowing Ourselves to Get Well

We're on to Episode 5.

Ari and I have both been sick, so today's conversation centers around how to allow ourselves the time and space to get well.

For so long, I pushed myself even if I didn't feel good because my self esteem was tied to my "productivity." Productivity is in quotes there for a reason. It took me almost 40 years to move beyond this state of mind, and I would love to share with you how I did it.

If this resonates with you, please leave a comment on the blog and share with your...

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The Calvin Show Episode #4: Why I Moved to New York

As you may know, I lived here (in New York) from 1999 until right before 9/11, where I moved to San Francisco, and shortly after that, I moved to Denmark. Ever since I've basically been wanting to move back to NY.

A couple of years ago it finally happened, and I'm grateful every day.

Having to work hard for something can really help you appreciate it more.

Troels recently asked me what I got out of moving to New York, and I've got the answer for you right here in today's episode of The Calvin...

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