A Virtual Development Server

on Feb 01, 2002

Ahh, the Joy of Installing a New OS

If you’ve ever messed around with installing a new operating system on the computer that you need for your work, you know how scary that is. You never know if the b…

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What Can I Do For You?

on Jan 31, 2002

Crass sales pitch:

My specialty is software applications that help you run your business:

  • Knowledge Management:

    I was part of a team of 2 implementing one of the world’s most successfu…
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Lars Pind's Resume

on Jan 30, 2002
___PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE______________________________________________

FOUNDER AND CEO 2002 Collaboraid ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark - Founded Collaboraid (http://www.collaboraid.biz), a software cons…
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on Jan 09, 2002

When you simply want to find something very specific on the web, loading up a web site, clicking a few times to find the right form, then filling it out, and clicking the button, can be a little cumbe…

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My Personal Crusade

on Aug 16, 2001

Yes, I’m on a crusade: I want more people like me to get involved with software. And I’m not going to give in.

It all started with…

Royal Library, Copenhagen

When I was younger, I wanted to become a jazz pianist. I was the c…

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Why Doing Good is Bad

on Aug 12, 2001

Misconceptions have many forms. Maybe you believe that if you just eat lowfat or fatfree food, you won’t put on weight. Or maybe you can never trust people who offer to help you. Or maybe you believe …

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Stuck on Stock Photography

on Aug 07, 2001

Say you wanted to open up a stock photography business. You have thousands of photos that your customers can search and browse, until they find and buy the one that’s just right for them.

Meat at the Fairway Market, New York City

What medi…

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Microsoft's Widgets

on Jul 31, 2001

I’ve spent too much time developing web applications recently, and getting fed up with the constraints of designing user interfaces on the web. Try imagining having to write Microsoft Excel for the we…

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