Datastructures in Tcl

on Sep 18, 2000

This document will teach you a little about building more complex data structures in Tcl. I’m assuming you already know basic Tcl stuff. If you don’t you can pick up some at <a href=”http://www.arsdig…

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Upgrading an ACS Installation

on Jun 19, 2000

This document will walk you through upgrading ACS from one major version to the next. If you need to upgrade across several major versions, take them one at a time. If you haven’t kept up-to-date for …

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Task Manager

on Jun 08, 2000

Yet another software design proposal.

The Big Picture

I need a tool to help me manage my time. It’s my time, and the tool should recognize that fact. It shouldn’t try to make me do anything I won’t, a…

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Task Board

on May 20, 2000

Humans work best when they can concentrate on one task at a time. But very often, in order to accomplish your task, there are a number of subtasks that need to be done first. These necessary subtasks …

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Knowledge Management

on May 16, 2000

Knowledge management is one of those very ill-defined buzzwords that everybody claims to be doing. Also, it’s an area that exposes some quite fundamental ideological differences. Which is why it’s an …

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Sharing Ideas

on May 16, 2000

In order to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge, you often have to write them down. This will often take the form of a short document, a memo if you will. But a memo is really static and boring.…

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Knowledge Sharing

on Feb 15, 2000

These are some thoughts that <a href=”http://www.branimir.com”>Branimir Dolicki and <a href=”/lars”>I, generated while developing Knowledge Management for Siemens. I hope to one day put reality behind…

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on Feb 12, 2000

Random pieces I enjoyed reading.

Software design

These are on the top of my list. Cooper’s book is great for learning about the process of developing software in general. Philip’s book is about web si…

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