on Feb 20, 2002

There we go again: “Failed to Register Scheduler DLL in AvSynchMgr”. Didn’t I uninstall it yesterday?

Apparantly not. So I uninstalled it just now, and now Outlook won’t start, because it’s missing s…

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McAfee sucks

on Feb 19, 2002

I've cancelled McAfee's Virusscan online twice now. First time they didn't work with IE6 yet, though it had been in preview for a sizable period. Then the lured me back with a really cheap offer, an…
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Blog is here

on Feb 17, 2002

Yes, so now I’m officially blogging. Figured it was time for some changes around here.

Besides, what else was I gonna do with all those small scraps of information and ideas that didn’t fit anywhere …

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What's a butt-licker?

on Feb 17, 2002

Someone recently named someone else a butt-licker in my presence.

Somehow, the term stuck. A butt-licker? Doesn’t sound like the person I want to be.

During the days that followed, I’d time and agai…

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Goodbye ArsDigita

on Feb 08, 2002
ArsDigita is gone. The rumors say that RedHat bought all their assets, and the company was shut down. It makes me sad.

I was excited about this company when I first heard about it. It was so unlike any…

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