How to become a hacker

There are two seperate and equally important parts to being a great programmer. You need absolute technical mastering of the technologies you use. But that’s the easy and boring part. The hard part is designing software so that it’s useful to the people using it.

I’ll present a lot of stuff here. Don’t be overwhelmed! You don’t have to learn everything at once. You don’t even have to learn everything I say here at all. But it does help to have some sense of direction in your adventures. That’s …

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How to quickly set up your own private working copy of a server

It’ll take you approx. 15 minutes. Sorry, this paper is just hacked together very quickly.

The server root

  • If you’re using CVS with your own private repository:
    $ cd /web
    $ mkdir yourprivateserver
    $ cd yourprivateserver
    $ cvs checkout theserver

    Or if you want a copy of the latest ACS release (in this case 3.1):

    $ cd /web/
    $ cvs -d checkout -d yourserver -r acs-3-1 acs

    Otherwise just

    $ cp -r /web/theserver /web/yourprivateserver

  • $ cd /web/yourprivateserver…

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A workable way to do HTTPS from AOLserver

The big picure

We want to do something like <a href=”” >ns_httpopen or <a href=”” >ns_httpget from the standard <a href=””>AOLserver API. We don’t want to implement SSL in Tcl, so we are thankful that it’s already been implemented in C and Perl.

The way I did it and explain here is stupid but it’s quick ‘n easy and it works. See end for more along these lin…

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Curing The Director Pain

The Outdated Metaphor

The notion of a score, with a single timeline and a single depth axis, the stage and the cast, all worked well in the beginning. Because the (multi) medium of computers was new, people needed a familiar metaphor they could relate to. And the level of user interaction wasn’t too high, so it made sense to think of it as a movie with perhaps a little interaction on top.

Not so anymore. As the demands for user interaction increases, the limitations of the metaphor become ever m…

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