How to quickly set up your own private working copy of a server

It’ll take you approx. 15 minutes. Sorry, this paper is just hacked together very quickly.

The server root

  • If you’re using CVS with your own private repository:
     $ cd /web $ mkdir yourprivateserver $ cd yourprivateserver $ cvs checkout theserver 

    Or if you want a copy of the latest ACS release (in this case 3.1):

     $ cd /web/ $ cvs -d checkout -d yourserver -r acs-3-1 acs 

    Otherwise just

     $ cp -r /web/theserver /web/yourprivateserver 

  • $ cd...

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A workable way to do HTTPS from AOLserver

The big picure

We want to do something like <a href=”” >ns_httpopen or <a href=”” >ns_httpget from the standard <a href=””>AOLserver API. We don’t want to implement SSL in Tcl, so we are thankful that it’s already been implemented in C and Perl.

The way I did it and explain here is stupid...

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Curing The Director Pain

The Outdated Metaphor

The notion of a score, with a single timeline and a single depth axis, the stage and the cast, all worked well in the beginning. Because the (multi) medium of computers was new, people needed a familiar metaphor they could relate to. And the level of user interaction wasn’t too high, so it made sense to think of it as a movie with perhaps a little interaction on top.

Not so anymore. As the demands for user interaction increases, the limitations of the metaphor...

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