How to quickly set up your own private working copy of a server

It’ll take you approx. 15 minutes. Sorry, this paper is just hacked together very quickly.

The server root

  • If you’re using CVS with your own private repository:
    $ cd /web
    $ mkdir yourprivateserver
    $ cd yourprivateserver
    $ cvs checkout theserver

    Or if you want a copy of the latest ACS release (in this case 3.1):

    $ cd /web/
    $ cvs -d ls.arsdigita.com:/usr/local/cvsroot checkout -d yourserver -r acs-3-1 acs

    Otherwise just

    $ cp -r /web/theserver /web/yourprivateserver

  • $ cd /web/yourprivateserver/parameters

  • $ mv theserver.ini yourprivateserver.ini

  • Edit yourprivateserver.ini. Substitute “yourprivateserver” for “theserver”.

AOLserver 2.3 config

  • $ cd /home/nsadmin

  • $ cp theserver.ini yourprivateserver.ini

  • $ cp -r servers/theserver servers/yourprivateserver

  • Find an unused port number, by
    $ grep -i "port=" *.ini
    or guess at one and confirm it using
    $ grep -i "port *= *8088" *.ini
    or, in the days of AOLserver 3.0 and AOLserver 2.3 running alongside each other
    $ telnet hostname 8088
    and see if you get a connection.

  • Edit yourprivateserver.ini. Substitute “yourprivateserver” for “theserver”. Assign it unused port numbers for nssock and nsssl.

  • If you want your own private copy of the database as well, change the Oracle user and password in the AOLserver config file as well and follow the steps below.

Database setup

We’ll create a new Oracle user in the same tablespace as the one we copy from to make life simpler. It should probably be a development tablespace and not the production one. Adapted from ArsDigita Server Architecture Setup Instructions.

  • $ svrmgrl
  • SVRMGR> connect internal;
  • Find out what tablespace the other service is in, then use the same:
    SVRMGR> select default_tablespace from dba_users where username='THESERVER';

    SVRMGR> create user yourprivateserver identified by database_password default tablespace (tablespace_name from above) temporary tablespace temp quota unlimited on service_name;

    SVRMGR> grant connect, resource to yourprivateserver;

    SVRMGR> quit

  • Make sure the account is set up correctly.
    $ sqlplus yourprivateserver/database_password
    SQL> quit

  • If you want a fresh ACS installation, follow the ACS installation instructions.

  • If you want a copy of an existing system, say:
    $ exp theserver/database_password_for_the_server file=foo.dmp
    $ imp yourprivateserver/database_password file=foo.dmp fromuser=theserver touser=yourprivateserver

Start the server

$ cd /home/nsadmin
$ bin/nsd-oracle -c yourprivateserver.ini

Or use my almost-one-line start-aolserver bash script (gone).

To restart it:

$ cd /home/nsadmin
$ restart-aolserver yourprivateserver
$ bin/nsd-oracle -c yourprivateserver.ini

Or use my almost-one-line cycle-aolserver bash script (gone).



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