Is Denmark a particularly high-tech country?


Just noticed this on LinkedIn:

Top regions:

* San Francisco Bay Area (12%) * United Kingdom (10%) * Greater New York City Area (7%) * Greater Boston Area (5%) * Brazil (5%) * Denmark (4%) * Washington D.C. Metro Area (4%) * France (3%) * Greater Los Angeles Area (3%) * Finland (3%)

So Silicon Valley, UK, New York City, Boston, and Brazil all provide larger chunks of the LinkedIn user base, but right up there with NYC and Brazil is Denmark, with its puny 5 million people! Amazing …

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mads jacobsen

... tjo ...hmprf - ramlede ind i dit site, tænkte på svunde tider og sender dig hermed en hilsen med alt godt. Mads [akureyri.dk] - her lyttes med store øre...
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