Looking for a quality assurance lead


My open source software company is looking for an experienced Quality Assurance Lead. From the help wanted ad:

We are looking for a person to manage all aspects of quality assurance and control for several web applications being developed. Candidates must have at least 2 years experience as a lead tester for a shipped product or web site. Required skills include creating test plans, executing the test plan during development, writing automated test cases, using stress testing tools, writing good bug reports, managing a daily build and test server, and evaluating requirements and design documents for testability.

Our platform, OpenACS, has provisions for nightly build, test cases written in TCL, and automated testing including scripted web pages. The rest of the team will help the tester become familiar with the system; the tester is expected to perform tests and write test scripts. Initial duration 6 months, freelancing or part-time is okay. Please send representative examples of previous test plans you have written, and, if possible, bugs you have filed.

If you or anyone you know qualify, please contact us. We need the position filled immediately!


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