Starting vs finishing

When you first start a work of art — a book, a piece of music, a painting, whatever — all the possibilities are open, it can become anything.

When you're putting the finishing touches on it, your options are much much more limited. There are only so many words, so many plot lines, so many sounds, so many notes, that are going to fit whatever you've created.

The first part is more open, head in the clouds. The latter is more closed, more grounded.

We need both parts. I happen to be really good at both parts, though I do tend to shy away from the grounding part sometimes. It can feel so overwhelming.

I want to create a hotel/resort in California. How do I do that? I'm going to have to find a plot of land. Find the financing. Find the people. An architect. Decide the color of the towels and carpets and screws, and on and on. It becomes overwhelming. It's easier to just stay in fantasy land and imagine how great it could be.

But the grounding is so good for me when I do it. Sit down, dig in, get it done.

The important part is to make it fun and playful. Don't make it feel like a drag. Make it be easy and flowing. If it's not, figure out how you could make it that.

Do you want to go out to do it? Do you want to dance it out? Move your body? Do it with someone?


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