The Calvin Show Launches: Burning Questions (about Burning Man)

I'm back after a break of a few weeks where I have, amongst other things, had my close friend Ulf visit from Denmark, thrown a legendary cocktail and music jam party at my place, gone skiing twice (and realizing I find it pretty boring, actually), been sick, made music, started organizing a Simplero conference in New York in May, been besnoggled in with a cold, and ... I've started doing a video show with my buddy Ari.

My last email was asking y'all for questions that you'd like me to answer. We got quite a few, and the first episode is an answer to Troels Wittrup's question: What did you get out of attending burning man?

It's a great question, because burning man was definitely a life-changing experience for me, with three specific life-changing outcomes that are still with me every single day today, 18 months later.

Watch the episode right here to find out how:


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