It Takes Courage

Are you ready to step out of the victim role?

I used to be the master victim. I had it down to a science. Everything bad in my life was because of my parents, my childhood, my country, my wife, random other people, the weather, the car breaking down, anything you could think of.

It wasn't until a few years ago that pattern really shifted for me.

It can be a hard pattern to break. Here's why:

You can only be a victim when something's wrong.

If everything's great, there's nothing to be a victim about, right?

"I'm loving all of my life, and that's why it's all my parent's fault! Poor me!" Doesn't work.

And we don't want to stop being a victim, because then we'd have to admit that we weren't a victim in the first place. That all the things we said we couldn't do or be or have because of other people, we actually could, and the whole story was fiction we'd fabricated for a purpose.

"I can't be happy/successful/have a loving relationship because of my parents/country/bank/the economy/my spouse".

What happens then when you do achieve that happy relationship with your spouse? Or you become happy or successful? Oops. It was always available to you. Nobody prevented you from doing it. Ever.

Not fun to admit.

So the more we assume the victim position, the more we tend to get stuck in it.

I'm here to tell you, there's no shame in admitting you were wrong about being a victim. Our entire culture is infected with victimitis. Oh poor him, poor her, poor this thing, it's always someone else's fault. It's endemic. No shame there at all.

But I tell you, it's much much better to admit to your false victim story and take full ownership of your life, than it is to stay a victim.

So I invite you to make today the day that you admit to yourself that any victim story you've ever told in the past is pure bullshit, and choose to take full responsibility and ownership over everything in your life.

Then start using your creativity on coming up with ways to demonstrate that you really can achieve anything you want.


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