What Are You Doing Because You're Afraid of Stepping into Your Purpose?

It can be super scary to stop what you're doing and just do nothing for a while.

I know, I've gone through it a few times myself.

If you're the kind of person who works a lot, who likes to put in effort towards goals, then it's really important to stop every once in a while, take a serious break, and just see what comes up.

Very often we find ourselves working hard on some project, because there's something else we really need to be doing.

We're afraid of really stepping into our purpose.

You're in what Gay Hendricks calls your "zone of excellence". You're providing value. You're making good money. You're providing for your family. Your customers and your family both cheer you on. And you're excellent at what you do.

But it's not FULLY lighting you up.

It's not REALLY all you're capable of.

Yet, making that step from the zone of excellence to the zone of genius is often scary. "Can it really be that easy?" It's also vulnerable, because your zone of genius requires you to be fully present, fully you, and to really step into the bigger version of yourself.

The gravitational pull of your zone of excellence is enormous.

That's why it's so valuable to take a break from your zone of excellence work, so the excuse is not there.

So you can feel the much more subtle pull of your zone of genius rise inside.

I went through it recently. Stopped coding for a couple months. Focused entirely on music. I made so much headway with the music, AND I came back to the software business so energized that I was more productive and excited than I've ever been before.

My wife is going through it now too. She's been keeping herself busy as a healer and mentor to people. It's so not why she's here. Now she's devoting herself to modeling and dancing, and it's oh so scary, but also oh so good, and incredibly beautiful to be a witness of.

So what are you doing because you're afraid of stepping into your purpose?

Love, -Calvin

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