All Is Well at the Freedom Tower

Yesterday, at Hay House’s You Can Do It conference in New York, Cheryl Richardson read aloud a letter to Louise Hay. In the letter, the author reveals that he was up visiting the top of the new Freedom Tower, a place that’s not going to be open to the public. And at the base of the spire that’s on top of the tower, he wrote the words: “All Is Well”.

I love those words. They are so powerful. They immediately relaxes my shoulders, they put us in alignment with what is. It lets us know where we’re holding tension, where we’re holding fear, where we’re holding resistance. And it lets us release it, right there. All Is Well. Try it. It works. It’s great.

Freedom tower

So to imagine that those words are imprinted there, sending their loving, peaceful vibrations, out over New York City, America, and the rest of the world, is just such a beautiful symbol. On that particular tower. In that particular city. All Is Well.

Next time you look up at that tower, feel the vibration, and say to yourself: All Is Well.

With love,


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