It's you and me

I saw this video about an incredible plane that can fly on solar power alone, and is even able to do so at night, created by a medical doctor with a big vision, and it touched me deeply. I then tweeted  that "Human creativity is so frickin' amazing, I can't get over it. It's incredible what we humans can do when we really want to", and I'd like to expand on that.

The thing that most of us fail to realize is that it's you and me who have the power to do the work. We have been endowed with these amazing gifts by whoever or whatever created us: The ability to come up with amazing ideas, the ability to orchestrate the work of thousands of people, the ability to have brilliant creative breakthroughs, the ability to intuit things we could not possibly know, the ability to make incredible stuff happen in the material world.

But we don't really want to do it. We think we're less powerful than we really are, it's a lot of hassle, a lot of work, a lot of uncertainty, risk of failure and ridicule. We're scared of digging so deep within ourselves as is required to bring out all of the genius bottled up inside - and we need all of our genius in order to do the amazing things we're capable of.

So we create "the system" so we can abdicate the responsibility. We make it the government's responsibility, or the big companies' responsibility, or just somebody else's responsibility. And now we're powerless against the system. Good for us, we couldn't help it.

But it is our job. Yours and mine. The power of creativity and manifestation lives in individuals, in live human beings, not in systems or corporations or structures or committees.

Only by saying yes to the responsibility, only by choosing to play the role we've been asked to play by our creator, revealed to us through our intuition, and groomed for by our life experiences, only by committing fully to using these powers in the way we feel called to, will they be unleashed.

Otherwise we will die inside and they will die with us.

Don't let that happen to you.



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By Helle Skou-Nielsen on Tue, Mar 26, 13 at 08:52 · Reply
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By Gitte Piil Eriksen on Tue, Mar 26, 13 at 08:52 · Reply
Hej Calvin Browsede efter info om Solar Impulse og fandt din blog. Din tekst her var meget spot on omkring ansvaret for udvikling og kreativitet, så jeg susede også forbi din zenbillingside, samt læste din tekst om navneforandring. Jeg har signet op til nye posts:)
By Soren Jensen on Tue, Apr 09, 13 at 00:49 · Reply

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