Fearless entrepreneurs is not some new age the secret kind of crap

I hate “The Secret” and everything about it with a passion.

I hate these superficial new-age people who claim that you can just think and visualize your way to everything. And laugh all the way to the bank.

In particular those profiteering from it. I mean, if it was that easy to “manifest” (that’s another word that’s been vandalized to death) money, why don’t you guys do it with something else, and then give away your advice on how to use these “laws” for free? Well, maybe it doesn’t work so well, except for the people who use it to sell stuff that teaches you how to use it.

What I’m talking about is hard, serious work.

One example of the hard work I’m talking about is the work needed to release the blocks that prevent you from being in the flow and in tune with your intuition.

Here’s a quote from Joseph Jaworski’s book. It’s from his conversation with quantum physicist David Bohm:

I learned from this and other experiences that the mind has powers that allow us to go beyond our normal or habitual way of being, and beyond what we think is possible. […] But somehow a kind of block prevents these extraordinary experiences from happening.

Bohm said, “You’ve got to give attention to that block. You’ve got to find out where it comes from both in yourself and in anybody.”

Releasing those blocks is hard work. It takes an unrelenting commitment to wanting to go beoynd those blocks and see the truth about yourself and what’s around you.

But it can be done. It’s not a secret, mysterious process. There are people who have walked that path before you. And it pays off in spades.

But it’s no miracle cure.

There is no miracle cure.

Sorry if I just burst your bubble.


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