Entrepreneurship in the flow of life

We know from quantum physics that we’re all one. We’re all part of the same “energy soup” of wave-particles, and everything’s connected.

In Joseph Jaworski’s excellent book Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership, he recounts his conversation with quantum physicist David Bohm:

Bohm told me about the general implications of Bell’s theorem. He sad the world view of modern physics is now a systems view. Everything is connected to everything else. We are not sure how this connectedness works, but there is a certainty that there is “separation without separateness.” That is the way our universe is constructed. “The oneness implicit in Bell’s theorem envelops human beings an atoms alike.”

And just like there is an energy soup that we’re all a part of, there is also a flow of life that we can choose to either give in to or resist. Most of us are pretty good at resisting.

But when we open ourselves up to the flow of life, we may be more vulnerable, we may have more ups and downs. But we also feel more alive. We’re more inspired. More visionary. And we open ourselves up to premonitions and synchronicities. To lucky coincidences. I’ve had a lot of these lately - along with the ups and downs.

What Fearless Entrepreneurship is all about is being entrepreneurial from that place of openness to the flow of life.

Really, if you think of entrepreneurship as creating something, as a form of art, to be a creative act, then it makes perfect sense: To be in the flow of life, to be in touch with your inner essence, is the most creative place you can be.

Being goal-oriented and focused can be a useful tool at times, but it involves a kind of tunnel vision that takes us away from being open to inputs, changes in direction, inspiration, and creativity. The trick is to know when to do what, of course, but more often than not, goals are not the right answer for entrepreneurs.


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