Tell people what you believe, rather than what you do

Great TEDx talk by Simon Sinek about why your values and your beliefs are more important than what you do.

Basically, tell people what you believe, and they'll follow you, buy your shit, or buy into your ideas, because they believe the same.

I like his breakdwon of how this correlates to our three brains (or, rather, two out of our three brains). Our limbic system ("mammal brain") responds to the why. It's all about the feelings. And like I heard someone put it recently:

Thoughts lead to conclusions.

Feelings lead to action.

So it's much better to talk to people's feelings if you want to inspire them to take action.

As an example, here's a great old clip of Steve Jobs (check out his shorts and sandals) from right after he got back to Apple, where he talks about how he's going to change their marketing. This is exactly what he's talking about.

(Thanks to Nadja for the link.)


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