The Body Reveals

I just learned about a great book from 1976, which describes in depth how the body reveals things about your psychology, because the two are part of the same system. Its approach and thinking aligns perfectly with my own.

And it happens to be available for free, online.

Here's a quote:

Deep change is much more than finding a comfortable role or playing better games. It is a true expansion of the self, a removal of self-imposed limits–restrictions grounded in irrational fears and childhood defeats. These fears must be contacted and re-experienced. The attitudes to which they give life must be brought to awareness, then examined, and the whole process enlightened with persistent self-discovery. A new base must be built up on physical vitality, realistic attitudes, emotional satisfaction, and the acceptance of life. By pursuing growth, by going deeper and deeper into our feelings, by seeking within ourselves the source and meaning of our lives, we can only come to find an unending spiritual reservoir—ineffable, mysterious, and yet the surest, truest ground of our existence.

To me it captures the essence. It's not about finding a different role or playing a better game. It's about removing the self-imposed limits and releasing that which is really you, which today is partially buried under those self-imposed constraints.


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