Stop reading business books

Another thought-provoking blog post by Rob Wailing.

There’s a slight chance it will. But probably not. There are actually two problems with this line of thinking:

  1. The amount of actual information garnered from this kind of book can be summarized in a page or two of written text.
  2. The information is at such a high level that it’s downright impossible to implement. Knowing you need to make your product remarkable is one thing. Knowing how to do that is another thing entirely.
How many times have you finished one of these books and thought: “Great…but what do I do now?”

Answer: A lot!

Seth Godin's books are fun to read and full of inspiration. But also don't do anything to help you actually go out and implement.

Adam Morgan, by comparison, has a lot of how-to.

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Linda S Pedersen

...yes and you end up even more confused than before...because it is the actually actinge thans the most important step .... in any "buisness" in your life...
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