The life of a non-stick skillet

According to Cook's Illustrated, Sep/Oct issue 2010:

In the test kitchen, these pans barely last six months. And even if you use your nonstick pan only a couple of times a week, the Cookware Manufacturers Association concedes it isn't built for the long term:

"If you get a year to a year and a half of life out of [a new nonstick pan], we think you got a pretty good deal," says Hugh Rushing, executive vice president of the association.

I had no idea they were supposed to not last any longer.


I have one word for you : SCANPAN
By Mark Aufflick on Tue, Aug 24, 10 at 16:41 · Reply
Awesome! Will check them out.
By Lars Pind on Wed, Aug 25, 10 at 06:42 · Reply

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