Seinfeld's productivity secret as an iPhone app

I linked to Seinfeld's productivity secret a couple years ago, but now there's an app for that!

It's free, and it's really cool.

It's not super-polished, it doesn't work well with iOS4's multitasking (you have to explicitly close it in squiggly mode in the multitasking dock before it realizes that the date has changed), but it's there, it gets the job done. And it's free.

1. Pick one important thing you want to work on every single day - write a joke, code, make a sales call, exerce, not smoke, not drink, not drink coffee, whatever.

2. Put a big fat X for each day you accomplish the task

3. Don't break the chain!

I'm using it right now to stop eating sugar and desserts. My chain is 10 days long now.

The longer it gets, the more motivation and momentum to keep it going.

Check it out.

Update: Apparently there's a web site for that as well. I still like the app, though.


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