Your children are your elders

Remember, your children are your elders in universe time. They have come into a more complete, more evolved universe than you or I can know. We can only see that universe through their eyes.”

The quote is from The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, and is a quote from Buckminster Fuller, and it struck a chord in me.

I know that I certainly have a lot to teach my parents, especially in the areas of spirituality, personal growth, and relationships, and I believe most of my friends would feel the same. And rather than blaming our parents for not being smarter about these things, let’s see it as a gift and share that gift with our parents, help them see the world through our eyes.

And similarly in our relationship with our own children, know that they have and will continue to have an endless supply of insights to teach us, and remain open and curious so that we may indeed learn.


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