Because I feel like it

“Because I feel like it” and its inverse, “because I don’t feel like it” are often derided as childish, naive, and unprofessional when used as explanations for why you chose to do one thing and not another.

But the truth is that doing what you feel like, if you’re being honest, is really the same as following your intuition. And that’s the most mature, informed, and professional way to work, bar none.

As coaches, one of the things we strive to do is follow the client’s energy. There may be many topics at play in a conversation, and some may at the surface level seem weighty and others trivial. But in deciding which one to pursue first, it’s best to follow the client’s energy.

If your energy is in one area, but we end up talking somewhere else, we’re not using our time together as effectively as we could. Some of your energy will be away from the conversation.

The same goes for your work. If your energy is in doing a marketing plan, but you really ought to finish up this proposal for a new client, then try and see if there isn’t a way to let the proposal wait until your energy leads you naturally towards it. Could it possibly wait another day or two?

And if your energy never happens to lead you to writing the proposal, maybe it’s not a good project to be bidding on. Just consider it. Allow the possibility and be honest with yourself.

The next time your boss asks you why you haven’t completed that feature or report or sales call he asked for, try telling her that you didn’t feel like it. And take the time to have the conversation with her that follows.


Alexander Kjerulf

I could not agree more. And the skill of "being able to tell what I feel like or don't feel like" is one of the most underrated and overlooked life skills. Most of the teaching we get in schools and at work is in fact about ignoring this and doing stuff whether or not we feel like it. Which, incidentally, is another valuable skill :o)
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Richard Garcia

I really like how you tied intuition to how we are feeling. As a high school teacher I am frustrated by the things we end up teaching and requiring of our students. Yet at the corporate level we look for characteristics like intuition and emotional intelligence. My students need to learn to allow their intuition and emotional intelligence to grow now while they are struggling for autonomy. I like your site.
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