Amazon redesigns

New amazon design, normal
New amazon design, on hover

Woa, new, cleaner look for Interesting hover-effect on the logo linking to the home page. I’ve never seen that done anywhere before. It’ll be interesting to see whether their A/B testing causes it to stay or go, and whether it spreads to other sites and becomes a new convention.


Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Revolutionary. This high-yield approach will no doubt turn the world world of logo-clicking on its head for years ... nay ... decades to come! Cheers to and their visionary, fearless, inspired approach to logo-scrolling. Truly these are marvelous times we live in.
By (Required) on Thu, Sep 06, 07 at 09:55 · Reply
YouTube has been doing this for a while (although more subtly). They write 'Home' next to the logo when you hover over it. Amazon's effect is much more noticable.
By Sean Hogan on Thu, Sep 06, 07 at 09:55 · Reply

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