David Lynch meditates

It’s both surprising and not so surprising that David Lynch, the film maker, would be a strong believer in meditation. Surprising because of the violence in his films. Not surprising because of the depth and sometimes weird dream-like atmosphere of the films.

But according to What is enlightenment? magazine, he’s been meditating twice a day since 1977, and he’s even written a book on meditation.

How’s that for dedication?


you should check out the episode of "den 11. time" where he participates.. (if you can figure out the wilderness of the dr.dk jungle..)
Perhaps he meditates on Stephen King getting lost on the highway he walks at night while trying to think of new books to write.
By (Required) on Fri, Sep 07, 07 at 16:51 · Reply
Lynch on The 11th Hour; mostly in English. http://www.dr.dk/DR2/Den11time/artikler/videoklip/20070326120736.htm
By Steffen Christensen on Fri, Sep 07, 07 at 16:51 · Reply
Yeah, he's way into that. Meditation has its factions. Some see it as purely a mental/physiological booster. Others organize themselves in more quasi-religious groups that attach metaphysical effects to it - and feel it reveals a sort of "unified theory" of reality. I know this because a family member is a bit (too) far into the latter. David Lynch moves around out there, too - does lectures and stuff. Some of it is bordering on Cuckoo-land, but I guess that's a subjective call on my part, having never meditated...:)
By RasmusJ on Fri, Sep 07, 07 at 16:51 · Reply
I used really enjoy WIE and Ken Wilber's writing. But it all got a big culty and weird a couple of years ago. Was also very unimpressed by WIE founder Andrew Cohen when I saw him in Dublin a while back. The whole 'enlightenment' area is a total utter headwreck of a minefield. As Chogyam Trungpa used say to new students "leave now while you still can"!!
By Brian Fenton on Fri, Sep 07, 07 at 16:51 · Reply
He also have a lecture on iTunes U: http://deimos3.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/Browse/berkeley.edu.78024613.085328319.85033479?i=1611302519

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