Does this also happen to you?

You open up your computer to do some specific task, only to completely forget about that task as soon as you open up your computer?

30 minutes, 5 emails, a few RSS feeds, and perhaps a blog post later, you get up to fetch a cup of tea, notice the paper on the desk that says what you were supposed to do, and go – oops, I forgot about that.

Do you know the feeling?

It happens to me all the time ;->


No. It never happens to anyone but you.
By (Required) on Thu, Sep 06, 07 at 09:29 · Reply
Every day, Lars. Every day.
I do it as well - that is exactly how I came to read your blog :-) I have found that I very often go to the computer with the feeling that I am busy and that I have to do a lot of work, but when I open the customer I start as you describe. I have found that if I start with the just pen and paper to make my to do list, then I can start more focused when I open my computer.

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