Coaching update - "It was fantastic!"

I’m well underway with my free coaching guinea pigs. 7 clients have signed up so far, on 3 continents (US, Europe, Australia), 8 full sessions have been completed, and the feedback has been outstanding.

“It was fantastic!” writes one.

“I think it’s going to be more valuable than I imagined” writes another.

“A fab experience” writes a third (freely translated from “en fed oplevelse”).

I’ve helped two people with their novels so far. What are the odds of that?

I’ve also gotten the call from a client who had taken specific action at work, based on our conversation, and it had been a really good experience. That’s a nice call to get.

It’s humbling and deeply satisfying to get permission to touch people’s lives in such a deep way. Thanks for giving me that permission and for playing along.

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Dear Lars Great to read your post. It is an exciting bussiness we are in. Assisting people with their lives and wellbeing can be very rewarding. As a coach we often experience a "Feel Good!" feeling after a super session with a client. I have had many great Telephone coaching sessions with my clients and am very greatful to be able to contribute in this way. It sounds as if you have found your mission Lars! Be Good and the Universe will give it back to you, ten times, with sugar on top! :) Feel Good!
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