Zeleste: Watch the bill

It’s the second time I ate at Cafe Zeleste in Nyhavn in Copenhagen, and it’s the second time I’ve had to ask to have the bill corrected. Last time, which is probably 4 years back, we’d had several tap beers, but not quite as many as they claimed. This time, it was the dessert where they’d randomly added 10 kroner to the price, plus a dessert wine, where they’d put in the 115 one, when the waitress had claimed to give me the 75 kroner one.

All in all, they tried to charge me 223 kroner instead of 173, a 29% surcharge. Absurd to experience this two times out of two at the same place.

My advice? Stay away, or at least check the bill very carefully. Get the menu and compare each item.

You may look like a fool doing it, but if you don’t, you will be the fool.


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