More Happiness: Now it's in the buildings

On a related note, The Architechture of Happiness looks really fun and interesting, too.

I wonder why the UK version has a much more appealing cover than the US version. I ask because I normally buy the US versions of books, but this one has me confused. I can see that the author is London-based, so the UK version is likely to be most true to the author, but why would the US publisher (Pantheon) choose this cover, still? It reminds me of Christopher Alexander’s book

(Via Joel Spolsky)

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Dan August

I have read some of Alain de Botton's book - the ones on travel and love and using Proust to improve your quality of life - and I highly recommend them. De Botton writes cleverly and adds a lot of wit to his subject. In my opinion he is the Malcolm Gladwell, or Freakonomics of literature and philoshophy: He explains complicated subjects light as aluminium and often has a suprising conclusion in his backhand.
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