Find your happiness

My friend Alexander Kjerulf just released his book about happiness at work, Happy Hours is 9 to 5. I just purchased my copy, and it’s looking really good.

The book isn’t about putting up a face, about pretending to be happy when you aren’t, or about pushing or intimidating others into being happy.

Rather, it starts with the assumption that all normal humans actually have the capacity to find happiness in work (and conversely that normal humans won’t find happiness in being idle), and that you can use your level of joy and happiness in your work as a measure of how close you are to doing what you love, sort of the children’s game Hotter/Colder.

From my conversations with Alexander about the book, and from what I’ve managed to read of it so far this morning, I highly recommend the book. It’s easily worth the $19 price tag for the PDF version, and for only $29 you get a copy on dead trees, thanks to the magic of Lulu. Oh, and you can read the whole thing for free as well.

Go get the book now.


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