Moving maps on airplanes

These graphical moving maps that show you where you are and how fast you’re going and at what altitude, they’re nice and all. But the only thing I really care about it how long time there is till we’re on the ground again. And that information only flashes once every 5 minutes or so, if you’re lucky. So if you’re trying to catch some sleep, it’s really hard to get at that information. Especially since I use my cell phone as my watch normally, and airlines tend to be less than fond of cell phones.

What I really want is a large LED alarm clock style display, separate from the in-flight entertainment system that just shows the number of hours and minutes estimated until touch-down. Please?

Prima Donna

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Mark Aufflick

What's even worse is when it's a multi-lingual system which means it only comes round in English every second time! You'd think I could remember now which of the three numbers on the screen represented time to arrival, but i'm usually too tired to think spatially.
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