Ajaxload.info: Show me what they look like

Ajaxload.info is really cool, but in order to figure out which indicator is best for my need, I need to go through all 17 of them, generating one of each. And then I can’t even compare them afterwards.

That’s why I made this page where you can see them all side-by-side. Enjoy!

Name Example
Circle ball 1-circle-ball.gif
Indicator 2-indicator.gif
Kit 3-kit.gif
Arrows 4-arrows.gif
Indicator Big 5-indicator-big.gif
Snake 6-snake.gif
Bouncing ball 7-bouncing-ball.gif
Bar 8-bar.gif
Bar 2 9-bar-2.gif
Bar 3 10-bar-3.gif
Circling ball 11-circling-ball.gif
Hypnotize 12-hypnotize.gif
Wheel 13-wheel.gif
Expanding Circle 14-expanding-circle.gif
Radar 15-radar.gif
Refresh 16-refresh.gif
Flower 17-flower.gif

Now head on over to Ajaxload.info and generate that spinner.

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Jakob S

Or go check out a bunch of the originals and some more over at http://mentalized.net/activity-indicators/ ;)
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