Note to self: Renew credit cards in January

I just got most of my credit cards renewed last month. So now every time I use them online and have to enter the expiration date, I have to reach for the far bottom of the list of months. Dammit. I should’ve waited a few more weeks.


Use the keyboard, man. It's pretty fast to type "12" (or "d") and click enter. I almost never use the mouse for select lists, especially when the lists are long. Camino even treats select lists as normal "tabbable" controls so I can actually fill entire forms without resorting to mouse.
D'oh, never realized you could do that. Thanks! And I can tab to the dropdown as well -- have you tried playing with the setting on the Advanced tab of the prefs pane in Safari?
By Lars Pind on Wed, Jan 04, 06 at 07:49 · Reply

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